There was one more formation core hidden in the deepest parts of the cave?

Daoist Qing Ning looked at Gu Qingfeng suspiciously, and she obviously didn’t believe him. She had already explored it in detail with her spiritual sense and saw that all the formations and formation core inside had completely collapsed.

How could there be another formation core?

“Daoist Qing Ning, we don’t even know this man, and I suspect he is deliberately delaying us. Perhaps he has already notified his people and is just waiting for back-up to rob this immortal cave from us.”

The white-clothed man called Li Qiandong sent her a secret message which stunned Daoist Qing Ning. Thinking about this, it was quite possible that this was the case.

“He’s just stalling for time, waiting for help to come. Daoist Qing Ning, I will cripple him and talk about other things after that.”

Huang Yao took out his sword but at this moment, a powerful sound suddenly resounded from inside the cave, shaking the surroundings for quite some time.

“This is bad! Get back!” Daoist Qing Ning’s expression greatly changed and hurriedly retreated, while the others also jumped up in fear and dodged.

At the same time, a powerful force exploded out from inside the cave and instantly destroyed the formation that Daoist Qing Ning had previously placed at the entrance of the cave entrance. Very quickly the sound of explosions came to a stop.

Looking at this scene, Daoist Qing Ning seemed to be in disbelief and felt a lingering fear. Judging from the force of the explosion, if she had entered a few moments ago, then now…

Daoist Qing Ning didn’t dare to continue thinking about what could have happened to her and turned her gaze towards that strange man standing under a tree, eating a Redleaf Demon Fruit.

She had already carefully investigated the cave and did not find any more formations, but how did he know that there was still one?

Without much thought, Daoist Qing Ning hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you, fellow daoist. If it weren’t for your reminder, then I would have…”

After a slight pause, she introduced herself, “My name is Qing Nine and I am from the Nineglory Alliance. May I ask for your name?”

Nineglory Alliance?

Gu Qingfeng once heard Huode mention this organization and had said that it emerged when the Tribulation of Heavens had descended.

It had grown to be extremely powerful in the present days, so powerful that its prestige covered almost the entire Bluesun Domain, and it controlled many sects, including the Redcloud Sect.

Gu Qingfeng really did not expect to meet a disciple of Redcloud Sect here today, and someone from the Nineglory Alliance.

“I’m just a passer-by. You should wait a while before entering the cave because the spiritual aura inside of it is in complete chaos due to the explosion from moments ago.”

Seeing that Gu Qingfeng had not mentioned his name, Daoist Qing Ning was puzzled but she didn’t want to ask too many questions. She only felt that this person was rather odd because she couldn’t detect any spiritual force aura on him. Not even the slightest bit.

This was extremely weird, because all cultivators had a spiritual aura on them.

Why did he not have one?

Wasn’t he a cultivator?

That’s impossible!

Even Daoist Qing Ning could not detect anything inside the immortal cave, but he knew that there was one more formation core. This showed that his spiritual sense was stronger than her’s.

How could someone like him not be a cultivator?

Daoist Qing Ning was puzzled, while Li Qiandong and Huang Yao frowned deeply.

Their expressions were a little embarrassed and vigilant. Embarrassed because they had underestimated this person moments ago, and vigilant because they had no idea who this man was and how high was his cultivation base.

“My name is Huo Yong of the Windfire Sect, thank you for your reminder.” A tall and sturdy man stepped forward and cupped his fists and thanked Gu Qingfeng.

Gu Qingfeng thought about the name of this sect but he didn’t have any recollection of it.

Maybe because Huo Yong thanked Gu Qingfeng, Li Qiandong also came over and cupped his fists and did the same, “I am Li Qiandong of the Redcloud Sect, thank you for your reminder.”

Gu Qingfeng took a look at them and asked, “Are you all disciples of the Redcloud Sect?”

The young man named Huang Yao stepped forward and said proudly, “That’s right, I am one of the twelve prime disciples of the Redcloud Sect. My senior brother Li is also a prime disciple. In just a few moments, my eldest senior brother, Mu Zibai will also return. I assume you have heard of him.”

“Mu Zibai?” Gu Qingfeng had no idea who he was,” Is he a prime disciple too?”

“Of course, my eldest senior brother Mu Zibai is the chief of the twelve prime disciples and has a Colored Foundation.”

A Colored Foundation?

Gu Qingfeng raised an eyebrow and was somewhat surprised.

He knew that this foundation was also a legendary thing.

A Colored Foundation was far stronger than an ordinary foundation and all the meridians, muscles, and even dantian of the cultivator would become colored. His absorption and refinement speed of the spiritual energy was also far greater than someone with an ordinary foundation.

Most importantly, a Colored Foundation was extremely solid and possessed the so-called Colored Spirit Protection. Even if the cultivator was seriously injured, it was extremely difficult for his foundation to be damaged.

A Colored Foundation was extremely good, but not anyone could create it.

The higher the number of colors in one’s spiritual root, the higher the chance they had for establishing a Colored Foundation. And only those with four or more colors had the chance of creating this foundation.

However, what made Gu Qingfeng sigh, was that in the present days, someone with a Colored Foundation was just the chief of the prime disciples in the Redcloud Sect. If someone had a Colored Foundation back in his younger days, he would’ve shocked the world and be considered a genius.

If someone with a Colored Foundation was just the chief of the prime disciples, then how strong were the direct disciples?

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from mid-air, “Junior brothers, am I late?”

Along with these words, a handsome man dressed in a luxurious white robe could be seen flying on a sword and heading this way. He was tall and handsome, and his long hair was wildly dancing in the wind.

“Eldest senior brother!” Li Qiandong and Huang Yao were excited after seeing this man.

Obviously, he was Mu Zibai, the chief of the twelve prime disciples.

After descending from the sky, Mu Zibai retrieved his sword and smiled faintly as he exchanged greetings with Daoist Qing Ning.

He had not addressed her as ‘Daoist’ so it could be assumed that their relationship was pretty good.

“Don’t you think that it’s unfair of you to call for help? If that’s the case, then I will also call my fellow brothers from the Windfire Sect.”

In this world, there was an old rule that has been passed down from the Near Ancient Era. This rule stated that everyone who had discovered an ownerless object was entitled to some share of it, but they could not call for help.

“Haha, brother Huo, nobody called me for help. Qing Ning and I had discovered this immortal cave a while ago, but I had some important things to do so I had to leave. You can ask her.”

Daoist Qing Ning nodded, “That’s true, Mu Zibai and I-”

Just as she was speaking, Gu Qingfeng had silently dashed into the cave.

“Huh? Who was that man?”

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