Spiritual energy was an amazing thing, similar to a source of life capable of giving birth to many worldly treasures, and it was also a cultivation resource.

Almost all spiritual veins, spiritual stones, and all types of medicinal herbs were created from spiritual energy.

Everything created by spiritual energy had a spiritual aura.

Spiritual aura was colorless and odorless, it could be seen nor smelled. Only the spiritual sense could perceive it.

Violet Twilight Aura was considered a rare spiritual aura, at least in Gu Qingfeng’s impression, this type of spiritual aura was not very common. He wasn’t aware of what would happen after the rebirth of all things.

Everything that contained this spiritual aura was bound to be good. As for what it was in the immortal cave, he would find out once he got there.

Gu Qingfeng wandered through the night and he traveled nine meters with every step he took. This was an extremely fast speed!

He wasn’t using a sword or controlling the wind with some magic arts. This was a footwork that he created, named Space Meteor Step.

After he activated it, every step of his would as fast as a meteor.

The immortal cave was very far from the Redcloud Sect and even with his footwork, it still took him four hours to arrive, right at dawn.

To his surprise, the two parties who had previously fought here did not enter the immortal cave, nor did the woman who had split the small natural formation with her sword. They were all standing around the entrance of the cave, as if waiting for something.


Perhaps because they had sensed Gu Qingfeng’s arrival, these people immediately became vigilant, and one of the men shouted in a serious voice, “Fuck off or I’ll kill you!”

Gu Qingfeng was sitting on a large tree in the distance, and did not move forward, nor did he speak. He surveyed the people present here and discovered that most of them were at the eighth level of the Foundation Establishment, while that woman had established her true body.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing that Gu Qingfeng was silent and he didn’t leave, the man who had spoken earlier took out his sword and was about to attack.

“Huang Yao, what are you doing!” The woman cried out.

“Daoist Qing Ning, the fact that he stayed here means that he wants to steal our immortal cave.”

“Did he say that he wants to steal it?” Daoist Qing Ning looked at the man named Huang Yao in disgust, “Moreover, this immortal cave doesn’t have an owner. Everyone is entitled to fight for it.”

The man named Huang Yao still wanted to say something but at this moment, one of the men in the opposite group laughed, “Huang Yao, oh, Huang Yao, this is not your Redcloud Sect, I advise you to not be so rampant because your prime disciple position doesn’t mean anything here!”

“Zhang Hengsheng, you’re looking for death!” Huang Yao was furious and tried to attack, but was stopped by a man dressed in a white robe in front of him.

Zhang Hengsheng sneered “You should learn more. Although you are both prime disciples, Li Qiandong is far stronger than you.”

The white-coated man’s named Li Qianmou said, “That’s enough, Zhang Hengsheng.”

Zhang Heng Sheng grunted coldly and saying anything.

In the distance, Gu Qingfeng, who was standing on a big tree, heard them quarreling and couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t expect that two of these people were prime disciples from the Redcloud Sect.

Gu Qingfeng didn’t say anything and looked towards the entrance of the cave, who was shrouded in a formation.

It was a very simple formation that was used to block the Violet Twilight Aura from leaking outside. This formation was set up by Daoist Qing Ning so the cave could not be found by other people.

However, Gu Qingfeng did not know what were they waiting for.

Gu Qingfeng released his spiritual sense and examined the entrance of the cave, and he discovered that it was very chaotic and unstable inside and many formations were collapsing. It may be assumed that the reason these people were waiting outside was because they were afraid of dying once they got in.

Immortal caves were extremely complicated, and they weren’t as easy as digging up some random mountain caves.

Immortal caves were created by opening up a small territory in nature using magic abilities and once your cultivation base reached a certain level, you would be able to open up one.

They were a place that people used for seclusion, for comprehending the Dao, or for transcending tribulations.

A sect was, in the end, a sect and many mundane things were happening in it on a daily basis, making it ineffective for comprehending the Dao.

Immortal caves could also be used for creating pills, magical treasures, and talismans, things that were extremely dangerous to create in an inappropriate place.

Most immortal caves were very hidden and generally could not be found at all, of course, there are exceptions, and since all immortal caves were based on natural principles, some ancient immortal caves gradually appeared whenever nature changed.

As for what exactly caused this immortal cave to appear, Gu Qingfeng did not know, but one thing was for sure. There was no one inside this immortal cave. If there was someone inside, they would not have let the formation core to deplete.

And it would’ve been even more impossible for him to watch how all the formations inside the cave collapsed. After all, they were the formations that protected all the pills and treasures inside.

After almost an hour, the formations inside had completely collapsed and the woman named Qing Ning said, “The formations inside the immortal cave have all collapsed. I have used my spiritual sense to carefully investigate the cave again and there should be no danger. But just in case, I will enter first and once I’ve made sure that everything is sade, you may enter.”

Both parties just looked at each other then nodded.

They are excellent and famous people from the younger generation and were well aware that although there might be treasures inside the caved, there were also many unknown dangers.

Countless people had died over the past years while trying to rob immortal caves. Although treasures were important, life was even more important.

Daoist Qing Nine took out her sword and began operating her spiritual force, but just as she was about to go inside, a voice suddenly resounded in her ears, Girl, if you enter it, you will undoubtedly die.”


Qing Ning was stunned and looked over and discovered that the one who spoke was Gu Qingfeng.

“You…what do you mean!”

“Only the formations inside had been destroyed, but the formation core is still active. Its destructive power could tear you to shreds.”

Before the Daoist Qing Ning could speak, Huang Yao stepped forward, “Who are you?!  What are you doing here?”

“I was just passing by and saw that you young people were acting recklessly. I couldn’t just stand by and watch how you throw your lives away.”

Gu Qingfeng jumped down from the tree and pulled out a Redleaf Demon Fruit and ate it.

“You? You’re overestimating your abilities!” Huang Yao was in the prime of his youth and extremely arrogant. As soon as he saw Gu Qingfeng coming down, he prepared to teach him a lesson.

“Huang Yao, if you dare to cause trouble again I will throw you in the cave!” Daoist Qing Ning was extremely annoyed and glared at Huang Yao in disgust.

She then looked at Gu Qingfeng and asked, “Fellow daoist, thank you for your kind reminder, but I have investigated the cave with my spiritual sense and all 37  formations inside the immortal cave have all been destroyed. The formation core included.”

“There is one more formation core that is still active, and it’s also the most important one and the one that’s hidden the deepest.”

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